My Mission and Goals

My mission is to bring such much needed supplies such as babyfood/milk, Hospital supplies, schooling supplies, clothes, blankets for the harsh winter and more, but this is not about me. This is about the Syrian people who are so badly struggling to keep alive. You, the individual who donates will be the backbone of this mission and what will keep it moving forward. I will cover my own cost for a passport/food for myself/ and a place to stay. Many donations have ended up in the wrong hands and have been just fuel for the fire, or never reaching its final destination. There have been roughly 180,000 people killed, 5 million internally displaced within Syria, and another 1.5 million refugees. HOW; will we accomplish such a goal? I, Cody Langford give up what I currently have to travel into Syria's country or nearby country to be with and supervise our donated goods, and also be a part of the distribution process to show you the people who have donated where your donations are going, and how they are being handled. If my chances are slim of making entrance into Syria I will then stay in Turkey and use these funds as effecient as possible. I will also take pictures of the scenes, and of your supplies for the families who will receive them on the Remember Syria Facebook page as another reference that they have been successfully delivered. Also to make newer connections with other families and villages for another "Successful" drop. Our starting donate goal will begin at $10,000 so we do not get our hands full for the most part. Do not be fooled,we will also be donating to our own site, because we know as regular human beings we all should try and contribute one way or another, and to see people who have been treated as a 2nd class and not as human beings. We should all have the necessities for survival such as food, water, heat, and basic utilities to survive such harsh conditions. I have watched this unfolding tragedy, and I could not take seeing Syrians: Men, Women, and children be treated half as what they should be. This is what brought me to action to give aid to any Syrian family who has been displaced. I personally think we are all "one, just wanting to live a happy and prosperous life, and this is where I stand. I would also like to thank and show my gratitude for Syrians, that I have made connections with; and you have made this goal a reality for a large portion of Syrians, and the help they wish for. Please help a Syrian family by donating through the paypal link listed at the bottom of the website. Your donation will be the difference in life or death of a family, or the future of a Syrian child that lost his parents and now has to be a parent himself for his younger siblings.

Projects and Doings

Started carpentry shop for Syrian Refugee's in 2016-2017.

Uhaul loads of clothes and 60+ brand new sleeping bags.

20 Large Boxes of clothing sent to refugee's inside Jordan.

Went to Turkey/Syrian border and aided Syrian refugee children with winter clothing. 2014

Honorably met Syrians such as Raed Fares the co-coordinator of the peaceful protests in Kafranbel, Syria. Including chemical weapons survivor by the named Qusai Zakarya.

A demonstration of Solidarity for Syrians; August 2nd, 2014.

Another demonstration at the State Capital about the human right violations of Syrians.