Frequently Asked Questions

-Is this a 501C3 Organization?

Yes, Remember Syria Relief is fully registered and a Tax-Exempt Non-Profit organization within the IRS, and also have filed Tax Form 990 for the year 2014. FEIN: 47-3546104


-How do I know my donation is used properly?

I will use these donations, and travel to Turkey to purchase first hand items for the Syrian people, by supervising and looking out over my goods until the final desination.


-How much should I donate?

That is entirely up for you too decide. I ask for no specific ammount of money. Anything is greatly appreciated.


-What made you so concerned for Syria?

There is a genocide happening. I couldn't sit in my chair and watch what is happening to humans. I could never imagine it happening to myself, or my family or my own people. I had to think of something physically to get involved.


-How come your attention is more on Syria then our own country here in America?

It was just unbearable watching live feed of people being murdered by their own government and have their freedoms oppressed. I also have things going on here in America, but those are other deeds and goals.


-How did the conflict in Syria begin?

It was due to 40 years of oppression by the Assad regime. People peacefully demostrated their freedom and rights beginning in April 2011. It all boiled down to Assads army shooting down on the peaceful demonstrators which lead to multiple deaths all over Syria. The Free Syrian Army was formed when Assads soldiers denied to fire on civilians and left the regime to create the peoples army that is now known as the Free Syrian Army. Over 135,000 people have died. This is now a genocide, and where is the red line when called upon?

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All proceded donations will be tranfered into actual supplies needed for civilians; men, women, and children. Currently we have two method's of donating via PayPal and GoFundMe. All donations go to "Remember Syria" strictly for Syrian civilians. I will then use these donations in obtaining vital items requested from the people in Syria. A passport, plane ticket, food for myself will be covered with my own expenses. I will then use your donated gift's to purchase items in turkey and also rent a truck to deliver these goods across the Turkish/Syrian border. Here is the list to show you what is possible and what donations will be provided for, but any pledge of a contribution is a huge gain big or small. You are most welcomed to donate to our Paypal or GoFundMe but mainly for the people in Syria by clicking on the "Donate" button located at the bottom of the page. Without people like you, Syrians will continue to struggle to keep alive, as others continue to prosper. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and the heart of Syrians all over the world.


Level one

$15; Help aid a family with much needed wood for the future winter. It will help provide for fires, cooking, steralizing water and to build shelters for one month.


Level two

$50; Sponsor a child in need of essentials such as clothing and basic needs for one month.


Level three

$150; Aid a displaced Syrian family for one month with basic needs such as clothing and food.


Level four

$300; Medicine for 30 hospital patients in need of treatment.


Level five

$400; Provide fuel for generators inside hospitals to keep electricty going.


Level six

$450; Provide school supplies such as books, pencils and other needs for a full classroom.


Keep Track of your donation and progress of Remember Syria Relief by clicking on "Donor Tracker" and open or save file.