This Humanitarian Aid mission of mine solely for the Syrian people; was created April 2013 by myself, Cody Langford. I; along with your help, can currently change and provide a ease for Syrian Refugees. You; the people who help to donate and aid these Syrians, such as myself, will be a major part in this undertaking humanitarian aid effort, and the backbone of this project and efforts from my heart.


I came up with the idea of how I can physically help someone who goes through tragedy each day. It then crossed my mind that humanitarian aid small or big would be the goal. It has become a genocide now, and each Syrian calls for your help as for the people who stand for humanity do to aid these human beings who are more like us, and bleed red. They have emotions, and feelings like us.


I recently went to the Syrian border in October-November 2014. I managed to purchase 108 pairs of clothing for Syrian refugee children including sweaters, pants, and socks. We delivered this aid in a small village that had a make shift school of Syrian children. The camp was East of Reyhanli by Atma,Syria and could of been a small town known as Ballani.


Public Service Announcement

Syria needs us. Why you may ask? For over 40 years, the Assad regime has ruled Syria with an iron fist. It was a matter of time before the Syrian people officially had enough. In March 2011, Syria, like many other countries in the Arab world, rose up against its authoritarian government-protesting peacefully, asking for reform, asking for freedom, asking to simply be able to live. The government responded with brutal military action, as the Assad forces worked day and night to detain, rape, and kill its own people. The country is being destroyed, and the condition is becoming worse and worse with every passing day. Today, there are 300,000 recorded deaths as a result of the regime/ISIS violence; this is not even counting those who have not been accounted for. There are millions of internally displaced people who have been forced to flee their homes, fearing for their lives; over 6 million documented refugees in neighboring countries. 170,000 missing or detained.


My question is simple-why? Why do our Syrians suffer like this? And the answer is just as simple; it is because we left them hanging. What happened to our humanity? What happened to our brotherhood? Just because what is happening over there does not affect us directly-our children, our families, our homes, our jobs, our titles, it does not mean we should not care and work to change this situation. We are not meeting our potential; we're not doing what we can be to help Syria. But the situation is indeed in our hands. We have the capability to change it. It is our choice to help save humanity on our own world by helping the people you share it with. Here we are living in our beautiful first world country, where we have all kinds of freedom that the people of Syria have craved for so long! Isn't it nice to be able to freely walk outside, eat when we want, sleep when we want, go anywhere we want to go whenever we want to go there, talk to anybody you want? Do our Syrian brothers and sisters not deserve the same freedoms? After all, they are humans just like us!


They are denied the basic necessities of life unless they back and support this oppressive regime! And since people refuse to support such an oppressive and harsh regime, not a day goes by with less than 100 new deaths in this beloved land! This includes men, women, and children! No one knows when it will be his or her last day to live; no one knows whether the next dropped bomb will be the one to kill them or not. No one knows when they are waking up for the last time! Syrians need our help. People need to be people. People need what we need to survive. Enough of this oppression, enough of this injustice, enough of this silence of approval! It is about time we wake up and do something about this, for the sake of humanity! You can help ease the pain of a Syrian family and sending any blessings to these people by donating. You can also learn some more about myself, and my mission to help the Syrian people.